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A novel about great love, great loss and great opera.
Short Stories
A short story in the journal
A short story in the journal the Ilanot Review
Coming soon: A short story in the journal The Evansville Review
Magazine Articles
A mother realizes the limits of her powers
Going green doesn't mean forgoing luxury

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Susan Segal is the author of the highly praised novel Aria, a Washington Post Fiction List selection. Her short stories have appeared in Redbook, Gravity Pulls You In, The Evansville Review, The Ilanot Review, Juked, Iowa Woman, Snake Nation Review and The Bridge, among others, and her feature writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Coast Magazine, Preferred Destinations, and other publications. She received her MFA in fiction from the University of California at Irvine and is an Associate Professor in the English Department at The University of Southern California, where she teaches fiction writing, editing and literature, She is a former editor and contributing writer at Coast Magazine in Orange County. She lives in Orange County, California.